LearnVest.com recently conducted an interview with me and posted the following article – http://www.learnvest.com/2013/04/advice-from-an-insider-how-to-move-up-the-corporate-ladder/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

LearnVest.com is a fee-based personal finance website that helps people, especially young professionals, get their personal finance together and excel. The website started out targeting young women but have expanded to marketing to men. [Tony comment- Money doesn't see gender difference.]

I direct your attention to the article’s comments. You’ll see them anyway therefore I’d like to comment on the comments.

First off, I totally understand the “rage” and “cynicism”. Women aren’t the only ones feeling helpless and frustrated at trying to crack the “White Men” club and the glass ceilings. Basically anyone who aren’t “white men” are on that boat. That includes Asians like me. Let me take that to another level, anyone not in management are out of the club. That includes non-managerial white men.

Further, the commenters missed out on some solutions. By being so fixated on rage, they will likely never read my book and miss the fact that I wrote the book to help people just like them (women, minority, non-managers, etc.) to mooove ahead.

Lastly and on that note, it is a shame that I had no control over what LearnVest.com published. I seem to have gotten a guilty rap by association. The article does look like an advertisement for my book. The fact is that I encouraged, offered, and proposed to the LearnVest.com editor to print some of the content of the book (at least to their paying members), offer the book at a discount, give some books away, and other brainstorming options. I wanted to give their members more value. It’s nice if my book sells. That just means I have more money to donate to charity causes. But as I told LearnVest.com, my primary interest was to get visibility with their help and the win-win would be to give their members (who are the perfect target audience for my book) valuable information.

Nevertheless, I was very encouraged by LearnVest.com’s evaluation of my book (the writer and editor actually read it) and thus their interest in an article. I’m grateful for LearnVest.com’s interest and support to help me get the word out. As they say in the PR world…any PR is good PR.